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The Cycle

  • Physician orders test and provides Patient with kit and requisition form. Patient schedules appointment on the website. Confirmation reminder is sent to Patient with time and date.

  • Specimen collection is performed by one of our Licensed Professional Phlebotomist Sample is prepared for processing and shipping by the Phlebotomist A tracking number with audit trail of appointment becomes available

  • Specimen is received by the Laboratory Sample analysis is performed Results become available for Physicians to discuss with Patients

Available Services

Bio Wheels will collect blood specimens for the following test:

DNA Paternity Testing

Early Gender Reveal

Wellness Health Check

•Complete blood count (CBC)

•Comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP)

•Hemoglobin A1c (HgbA1c)

•Lipid panel (cholesterol test).

Blood Pregnancy Test (Beta hCG)

Lipid Panel

•Cholesterol test for LDL, HDL, Total and Triglycerides

Thyroid Panel

•Measures the thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), T3 uptake, T4, T7 and T3 Total

Some test require physicians order

Blood specimens can also be collected for other types of test requested by a physician

Appointments are Available: Early Mornings, Nights, and Weekends

Results and specimen tracking emailed to you or a family member

No Lines, No Waiting Room, No Exposure

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•Nursing home


Safety & Confidentiality

•Follow strict protocols (CAP, OSHA, HIPAA, etc.)

•Phlebotomist wear mask and follow COVID protocols

•Phlebotomist have passed a background check

•Delivered quickly without contamination

•Safe disposal of. all bio-hazard material

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Training Academy

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